Decorating the bedroom that your kids share can be a real headache! Especially when they are twins - a girl and a boy - and they have different style and tastes. But the challenge was met thanks to a neutral decor and Plog-it lighting.

Plog-it blanc + abat-jour goutte blanc

Create a harmonious and unique mixed space

Although color unity was favored overall, 8-year-old Marianne and Benjamin were adamant about their personal space. We therefore cut the bedroom in two visually by applying a strip of pale green color between the two single beds. A side cabinet for storage, which also serves as a bedside table, has been placed underneath a suspended Plog-it light. The white Teardrop lamp shade matches perfectly with the white and gold cable

Furthermore, a central light contributes to the general atmosphere and makes it possible to highlight the pretty confetti stickers on the wall of the attic. It also illuminates the accessories such as the cushions, the colored blankets on the beds and the posters. We can never say it enough, it is important to multiply the sources of lighting to guarantee comfort, and this, in all rooms.

Plog-it - abat-jour Géo menthe

A suspension… in the wardrobe!

An additional challenge also arose when we had to find space to fit a work desk into the room. As the room is too narrow to add more furniture, we turned ti the wardrobe to include a small piece of furniture. 

Curtains have been put up on each side to make it more open and easier to access. A pretty Plog-it light fixture with a shade that matches the paint choice has been added to provide a desk light for the kids. Flexible, the cable has been turned around the pole to clear up the aera and it plugs into the wall subtly.

Not only do Plog-it lights provide perfect comfort lighting, but there are many possibilities for customizing them! Moreover, the choice of lighting can be an interesting activity to do with your kids. They will feel involved and will have fun making it their own and creating a unique decor for their room.

Maude Jetté
Cactus & Béton

Andréa Cerallo