Working from home is now well established in our way of life. Having a good home office is essential, even if you are working in joggings.

Spending a day in front of a screen tires the eyes, posture, and can also affect morale. Good lighting is therefore essential to create an optimal working atmosphere, promote concentration and good humor!

Several light sources = the key!

Multiplying the sources of light is the key to creating a pleasant environment, but above all, to avoid fatigue. This is why we recommend combining general lighting with supplemental lighting. Because, while your beautiful large windows provide natural light, it is also important to have multiple sources of artificial light for darker days. Note that the need for light increases with age. The need for lighting will therefore not be the same for a 20-year-old student as for a 45-year-old professional.

General lighting diffuses light into the room to reduce contrasts and shadows. Opt for a suspended lamp that will diffuse a uniform light in the room. It is better to opt for a light that does not dazzle. The "soft white" type bulbs will be perfect for creating the desired atmosphere.

As general lighting is not enough...

Auxiliary and direct lighting will ensure good visual comfort. As a second source of light, we offer a vibrantly colored Plog-it fixture to add pop of color and vibrancy to your room.

The Geo lamp shade and Cage lamp shade are perfect for the role, as you can place them right on the desk. You can let the wire hang or wind a few turns at the base of the lampshade.

You can also add a third pendant light to add an extra touch of lighting and to brighten up your decor!

How to orient your light sources

Did you know? Right-handed people should install their desk light on the left and vice versa. An important consideration to avoid creating awkward shadows with your arm. The lamp should also be installed on the side or behind the screen to avoid glare and eye strain. It also helps counter blue light, which reduces cognitive performance, causes accelerated aging of the retina, and disrupts sleep.

What light bulb should you choose?

Lighting that comes as close as possible to natural light is preferred for office accent lighting. In general, it is advisable to have a 15 Watt bulb which is more than enough for computer work.

Avoid at all costs the dazzling lighting of some LED bulbs that give off an aggressive blue light. Stick with a warm, soft light like our Matty 40 LED bulb.

Happy teleworking!
The Plog-it team

Andréa Cerallo