The living room is one of the central rooms of the house. We spend time with family, we receive friends... The lighting of this living space must therefore be warm and friendly. Too often have we seen rooms with lighting too bright, even harsh, or way too dark. We cannot say it enough, light is one of the most important elements of decoration. It helps set the mood and can completely change a design.

Here are some tips to create unforgettable moments and memories with friends and family. 

Suspensions that jazz up a room!

While some will simply go for the installation of recessed light or a floor lamp, we like the addition of one or more pendant lights to complete the decor.

Our duck blue or mustard yellow woven lamp shade hanging over a chair is a "must have" to add a splash of color and give your room some personality!

If your ceilings are high (higher than 8 feet), you could even multiply the pendant lights and position them at different heights to create a unique effect.

That being said, while some evenings everyone in the family gets together to play board games or watch TV, on other evenings everyone will need their "little corner"! To read on your tablet, do your homework at the coffee table or to do some reading... It's a great idea to multiply the sources of light.

Replace your floor lamps

The best way to replace the traditional floor lamp is by opting for a suspension above the end table. A simple bulb suspended from a pretty Fix-it cable is a nice solution!

Does the idea of ​​having to add an additional electrical box to the ceiling hamper your project? Opt for a wall hook! The Archet(to) hook is certainly a good choice for hanging your bulb. Transparent, it highlights the color of your cable and its distance from the wall (15.7 in) is big enough to position your bulb in the center of the table, in order to have a nice visual balance.

Wall lights

We like the addition of wall lights on one or both sides of the television. Let's face it, TV is not a decorative accessory! But since we often have our eyes riveted on it when watching movies or playing video games with the family, it is important to be able to create a harmonious and attractive zone for the eye.

You can also pair Plog-it cables with an accessory to create an applique effect without the hassle of having to install electricity on the wall. To do this, we like the Rollé wooden hook harmonized with a cable that plugs into the wall to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The hand-blown Glacial bulb is also superb! You could also decide to place a geo lamp shade on the TV stand as an accessory.

The important thing in this case, however, will be to neutralize the reflections of the light in the screen. Distance tests are essential before installing everything.

Finally, with lighting, it's all about dosage. The idea is to bring light where it is needed and to be able to meet the different needs of all the family members. Whether it is near the sofa, in the center of the room, in the the form of a wall lamp that is lighting up an armchair or a fireplace... Be creative, the options are numerous!

Maude Jetté
Cactus & béton

Andréa Cerallo