Do you have a semi-basement condo or does your apartment have a windowless room? Not to mention that with the time change in November, it will seem as if it's dark ... all the time! 

We have a few solutions to help you light up those darker rooms. Of course, you must think about the lighting, but not only that! 

1. Appropriate lighting

The best way to properly illuminate a room is first to multiply the light sources. We cannot repeat this enough, there are never too many light sources! 

Recessed lights, suspensions, light bulbs, ceiling lights ... It is also important to adapt your lighting to the vocation of your room. If you want to set up a reading nook in a dark room, make sure you have good mood lighting and a reading light. A floor lamp or a table lamp will provide good additional lighting. You can also choose our wooden Rolé hook from which you can hang our Plog-it cables paired with a Matty 40 LED bulb to create a wall sconce with a personalized style. 

2. Choosing the right bulbs

The choice of your light bulb will help to make a real difference! Replacing your old bulbs with LED bulbs or even better intensity bulbs will have a huge impact on the mood. The colour diffused by the bulbs is just as important... Warm or neutral whites are preferred for a home, while cold white lighting is better in an office or in a commercial space. 

3. Opt for light-colored walls

Colour is a great tool to brighten up a room and make it seem bigger. White, pastel and warm colours (yellow among others) reflect natural light and therefore gives the impression of a brighter and sunny room. 

There are also several choices of finishes to choose from: eggshell, pearl, satin, semi-gloss... Using a gloss finish in rooms that lack natural light will help reflect the light. But be careful, it will also bring out imperfections in the wall - use it sparingly. 

4. Reflecting the light

Adding mirrors to the room will help reflect the light and make the room feel as if it is bigger. Round and square mirrors placed on the wall are a beautiful decorative element. Full-length mirrors and glass furniture can also reflect light, but they have a more utilitarian vocation. We particularly like them in a bedroom! 

5. Choosing the right furniture

In a dark room, opt for light wood furniture and pale shades. Avoid at all costs decorating with heavy and dark furniture because they always make a room seem smaller. The proportion of furniture is also very important as not to overload the decor.

Furniture with openings, like bookcases, and with metallic finishes(gold, chrome) will find their place in a dark room to brighten up the space. 

With these tips, we are convinced that your dark rooms will seem brighter and give you more energy than before!
The Plog-it team

Andréa Cerallo