Here we go, we're almost there; this famous date that divides humanity so much. 

On the one hand, we have the girls and guys who rob florists and chocolate shops, and on the other the detractors from the commercial side of things (strangely the same ones who have an iPhone 26). 

We tried to find the origin of this Holiday. We quickly realized that there are almost as many stories and legends as there a reconstruction sites in Montreal. We picked one that we liked: 

Did you know that the origin of this Holiday dates back to the 14th century? At the time, it was thought that the birds chose this day to pair up. (source: wikipedia)

Nothing to do with lighting, but we love birds. By the way, we really like this bird-shaped hook from one of our partners. 

Getting back on topic. At Plog-it, we love a great ambiance. So, we thought of you, and we took the liberty of giving you advice on how to create the perfect at home atmosphere on February 14! 

Your first Valentine’s day 

The past 2 years have not been a paradise for single people. Between confinements, lockdowns, 1 address, no address, it's possible that it took you longer to establish the foundations of a stable relationship, and that this will be your first official Valentine's Day. 

Whether it's the very beginning or you've gotten a little further in your relationship, you might decide to celebrate your first Valentine's Day at home. We understand if you are a little nervous, here are a few tips on how to make this first V-Day a success. 


Go for an already existing playlist. Nothing complicated and it's better than hearing yourself eat! (Or than listening to the silence!)


Pastas? Why not! Simple, not too expensive, vegetarian options available and endless possibilities! 


We'll start here by telling you that we, at Plog-it, truly believe that light has an influence on your moment. So, it's possible that if you spend a lot of time working on your lighting for this first Valentine's Day, it will become a memorable memory. And this, whether the person in front of you is still there in 20 years or not! 

Therefore, we will opt for subdued lighting, but not too much. Candles…. Maybe not yet! It’s up to you, but let’s not skip any steps here! Opt instead for several small light sources here and there, in each room. 

I want to impress on Valentine’s Day 

You may be thinking that after the 2 last sh*$&! years that we went through, 2022 is THE YEAR. And that you want to highlight February 14 with a big romantic gesture. Now is the time to give it your all. Just like our friend Charlie and his rose petals! 


We asked around and nobody agrees on one perfect playlist. 

Some suggested the great love song signers like BarryWhite, George Michael, Righteous Brothers and the eternal Unchained Melody… check it out here. For others folk music is the way to go to solidify your relationship. Head to Spotify for that! And then, there are those who swear by the music of Alexandra Streliski. 

But the icing on the cake is to build your partner's perfect playlist scratch, for an evening filled with his (or her) classics. It takes time, but don't forget that you want to impress! 


There are a lot of options when you want to impress. 

Create a delicious 5-course dinner from scratch (start today!). Why not make it a couple’s activity and cook your favourite dish together? End on a sweet note with a classic chocolate fondue. 

Or let yourself be tempted by a dinner worthy of a great restaurant at home? Jérôme Ferrer offers a perfect Valentine's Day box for the occasion! 


Go all out - your finest cutlery, a nice tablecloth (visit Simons for amazing table decoration ideas!), rose petals and don’t forget to put a fireplace in your TV! Go big or go home. 

For lighting, now is the time to use your candles. And why not end the evening with a proposal? 

The couple: Valentine who? 

For some, 10 years into a relationship and 12 kids later, there is no difference between February 14 or March 27. 

Yes, you can have a family night. 

Yes, doing fun V-Day activities with the kids is worth it. We truly believe that love is also seeing your partner play with your kids and finding it beautiful.

But… allow us this little friendly reminder: 

Valentine's Day, February 14, is considered in many countries as the day of lovers. Couples take the opportunity to exchange sweet words and gifts as proof of love as well as red roses. The symbol of love and passion. (source: wikipedia) 

So yeah, maybe this day is overrated and an obvious reason for businesses to try and sell more. But it is also a great time in the whirlwind of life, of COVID, of the 10,000 daily family fights, to remember that the person in front of us really matters. 

If despite your 10 years together, your 12 kids and #life, you continue to celebrate February 14 or all year round, we raise our glass to you! 

I'm single, I don't care about Valentine's Day 

Valentine's Day can also be a beautiful day even if you are not in a relationship! It would be nice to be accompanied, but let's remember that it is always better to be alone than in bad company. Why not take this opportunity to have a self-care kind of evening? A word of advice: do NOT go on social media. Cheesy love posts might not be what you want to see! 

Plan yourself a relaxing evening - a warm bath, a mask, a good book, a manicure/pedicure, a bottle of wine, candles… Everything to help you forget that you are alone. 


Your favourite songs to either have a dance party in the living room (or the kitchen) or a relaxing playlist during your bath or even a little rock music to completely change the vibe! 


Spoil yourself! Have your favourite restaurant delivered or, why not take the time to cook yourself a good meal. Besides, it passes the time. 


Just because you're alone doesn't mean you can't create a great atmosphere! Light your favourite candles and fill your diffuser with eucalyptus or lavender oil (to relax!). Then, turn off your Plog-it and put on a good movie! We recommend horror or teen comedies to forget! 

We hope that we inspired you with a couple of ideas for V-Day.
Do you have any ideas? Inspire us!
The Plog-it team

Andréa Cerallo